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Can severe bad breath cause a vaginal infection?

bad breath
nascar_girl_4jr asked:

If oral sex is given by someone with horrible breath, can some kind of vaginal infection occur? Would it be a yeast infection or something even more serious? Please only reply if you know what your talking about…..I have been curious about this for a long time now…I saw a similar question on TalkSex with Sue and have been very curious about this since then…..

Rapid Cure for Bad Breath

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yeast infections?

perfectlyimperfect217 asked:

Im sorry if this seems gross, but I have never had a yeast infection before and I went to the market to purchase something for it, everything was so expensive and I am a bit strapped for cash right now…I read yogurt can work but im not sure how much to use or how…any helpful tips or cheap remedies would be greatly apprecated

Fix Bad Breath

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