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How can I prevent bad breath?

bad breath
linkymaster asked:

I have a bad taste in my mouth a lot of the day. When I wake up, before and after lunch, and in the evening. I brush my teeth and tongue in the morning every day. I have licked my hand and smelled it, and it doesn’t smell very pleasant. it’s not unbearable, from what I can tell, but I am always trying to talk away from people and not breathe on them because of it.

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How can you tell if you have bad breath? How do you cure it?

bad breath cures
Bear-tan asked:

My friends and father say I have horrible breath. I tried the “licking hand” method, and smelled something, but it wasn’t anything good or bad. The “breathing into your hand and smelling it” doesn’t really work for me either. I brush my teeth after every meal (except lunch, because I am at school then), floss, and use mouthwash. I also brush my tongue with fresh toothpaste. (I use Colgate.) My dad thinks that I have bad breath because I don’t get enough rest so I suffer indigestion. I don’t know if this is true or not, and he says it isn’t something I need to consult a doctor with.
What can I do to tell if I actually have bad breath or not? And why?
If I do, how can I help it???
Also, my mom says my breath is fine, which just adds to the confusion.
Again to all of you; some people say I have horrible breath, some say it is fine.

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How do you deal with someone with bad breath?

bad breath
i ? Food asked:

well i have a teacher, and i need help on questions at times. but when get gets near me his breath is really bad. i wanna hold my breath. sometimes i cover my nose but it seems rude. i dont want to offend him. but how do i deal with the smell breath? he doesnt look like a gum chewer. i think its because i have his class after lunch and it smells like garlic. help!!
sorry about my grammer and spelling errors got distracted by the tv 🙂

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does anyone know wheir i could find some arobicts classes and the instrer doesn’t have bad breath?

bad breath
dawhiterussan2 asked:

clean feet ,freshly washed hands and eats rolaid after a chilie lunch” I don’t like going to pre-school to look at the blue bord.

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